Do you need help making the most of DanceCentral?

If you wish to publicise your dance business, then there is no better place than danceCentral.

You can advertise your dance classes, your dances, yourself as an instructor, or demonstrator. You can publicise your demonstrations, and in fact advertise any service or product to a thriving dance community. However do you really have the time to make the most of what is offered?

Having developed the danceCentral system, we know it inside out and are best placed to gather your dance event details, enter them, manage them, and safeguard them.

Bronze Assistance Scheme (annual)

In this scheme we enter all your dance class details, and agree to change those details for you, promptly.

Price: £15 per entry or change. This means that if you have only one class and its details do not change over the year then the cost is £15. Contact us for more details.

Silver Assistance Scheme (annual)

The silver assistance scheme builds on the bronze assistance scheme, but provides more comprehensive support. We tell you how to link your website to danceCentral directly so you can benefit from the comprehensive benefits this provides.

Price: £100 for up to three entries or changes on danceCentral. Contact us for more details.

Gold Assistance Scheme (annual)

The gold assistance scheme builds on the silver scheme with some important enhancements.

Contact us for more details.

Price: £350