What is Belly dance?

Belly dance

Belly dance is not a partnered dance, it is generally a choreographed dance where individual performers or groups follow a series of pre-determined moves.

This is perhaps one of the great appeals of belly dancing: no partner is necessary and for this reason the usual barrier to participative dance is absent.

Another appeal of this popular dance form is that the participant gets the opportunity to "dress up" for the occasion.

A Western name for an Arabic style of dance which has become very popular in America and the UK.

Often referred to as Middle Eastern Dance or Raqs Sharqi, this dance form is based on a social dance performed by all ages and both sexes at weddings and other social occasions.

Adopted from the Middle East, America and Europe have stylised this dance form into the performance dance of cabarets, restaurants and shows. Now that the genre has shaken off it’s slightly naughty Hollywood image, bellydance has become increasingly popular and workshops and classes exist around the country.