What is Lindy hop?

Lindy hop

This dance form is an example of a partnered dance. In classes a choreographed sequence is generally taught, but in practice it is an improvised dance.

Editor: Mark Stephens

" Lindy-hop is an African-American dance that originated in New York City in the late 1920’s. It is a form of swing dance that evolved in conjunction with jazz music, but also incorporates many other forms of dance such as tap, breakaway, charleston and jazz. The dance itself is solid yet flowing, energetic yet relaxed; closely following the character of its music. It can be danced either solo, or with a partner, with a core tempo range of 120-180 beats per minute. It is primarily a social dance, but is also a popular competitive dance and performance dance.

Lindy hop is considered to have emerged as a cultural phenomenon in America, breaking through the racial barrier that was prevalent at the time. This cultural integration is reflected in the interesting mix of African and European influences within the dance style. The improvisational character of African dance moves is incorporated within Lindy hop when the couple are in the open hold or dancing solo, and is juxtaposed with the more formal European partnered dance formation when in the closed position. This allows the opportunity for both solo and partnered dancing within the same dance style."

Editor: Nichola Manning