Question: Why do you need danceCentral?


No matter how good your publicity, there is no substitute for an entry on a site like danceCentral.

No other dance directory is as sophisticated and powerful as danceCentral. It is a complete dance portal and dance event manager for a broad and growing range of dances. It allows you to advertise your classes, demonstrations, dances, instructors, dance venues, DJ's and merchandising, and be put in touch with people of a like mind, and it does this not just for your local area, but elsewhere in the UK and world.

The last time I looked (July 2007) danceCentral was #1 in google for "partnered dance" in the world. We are getting well over 370000 hits a month. DanceCentral is clearly an established player in the dance community.

Question: I have my own web site, why do I need a listing on danceCentral?


Dancecentral by virtue of its size and content receives so much web traffic (671,000 hits in December 2006) that it is the ideal site for you to place an advertisement for your event. Like minded people come to this site specifically to find what is available to them. Unfortunately they are far less likely to find your own site if you have one because these typically are much harder to find. There are other problems with relying on your own web site for publicity purposes.

Web sites need regular updates and maintenance. Typically you will need the services of a web developer to make changes to your site, not matter how minor they are. This takes time and and can be expensive. A registered dance event entry on DC costs £15 and you can change your details as much as you like for a year.

Question: I do not have a web site, why do I need a listing on danceCentral?


Love it or hate it the web is the new oracle for information. DanceCentral allows you to advertise worldwide to a receptive audience, and keep that advertisement updated. This is easier and cheaper than having your own web site designed for you, and far easier and cheaper than any of the alternatives.

Question: How much does it cost to use danceCentral?


Currently If you enter your information yourself it is free to use for the first six months, after that it costs £15. If you ask us to enter your information for you, then we will ask for a small payment. This is currently £15 per year per session.

Question: What other services can the people at danceCentral provide?


Question: Why should I use DanceCentral instead of any other dance directory?


DanceCentral was designed by a dance event manager with ten years of experience. It was designed to be more comprehensive, more structured, and more versatile than the alternatives. It is constantly being improved. If you can suggest a way the directory could be improved the please let us know.

Question: Why is there no description of my favourite dance on the site?


If you can come up with a suitable definition then please submit it.